(Cera Alba)

As one of nature's best ingredients, beeswax is surely a great component to our special formulas. The health benefits of beeswax for your hair are almost too many to count. Notably, a few of these benefits includes moisturizing, softening, and protecting.

Beeswax provides long-term moisturizing without clogging pores by simply locking moisture into the skin. Not only does beeswax moisturizes and smooths down hair, it's great for not allowing moisture to escape out of the hair.

Essential nutrients such as vitamin A assists in providing antioxidant protection which encourages healthy growth. This is achieved since vitamin A helps maintain the collagen connective tissues of hair follicles. All cells need vitamin A for growth including our hair, the fastest growing tissue in the human body.

Using a little beeswax may help your hair grow back faster or help you stop losing hair as quickly because beeswax is also used to naturally stimulate hair growth.  Our wax component assist in growing hair back and will discourage hair thinning if you suffer from any hair loss conditions. 

Most people can safely use beeswax on their scalp and hair because of its anti-allergenic properties. Beeswax won’t irritate the scalp. Beeswax is also anti-germicidal, so it can help heal minor cuts, abrasions or scrapes of the skin, including on the scalp.