take The Naturish approach

Man oh man look how far we've come! Hair styling products have been around for a very long time. During the Roman era, soap was adopted as a source for the first pomades made by European tribes. Then came the 19th century where BEAR FAT was used as the main ingredient. By the early 20th century petroleum jelly, beeswax, and other animal lards were also common staples in ingredients list for pomades and styling products across the globe.

Rising in hair styling relevance during the Roaring 20's, pomades became more popular than ever. A good pomade was often emblematic with being "cool" or better yet, being "well-groomed". This hair care product barred no individual from cultivating a good hairdo no matter the color, texture, or length of an individuals hair. It was used to control all hair styles including finger or brush waves, ducktails, and pomadours.  Fast forward to today, no matter where you go you can easily spot a hairstyle that requires a good hold and a quality finish.

The evolution of beauty care has brought a few changes. As far as hair care products, the basic ideas and principles remain the same but the approach is much different. Traditional hair styling products may be waxy and greasy in nature often using harsh chemicals, additives, and other ingredients that can prompt irritations, cause allergic reactions, and severely damage the scalp. Not ours..... take a closer look at our components and how they will nourish your scalp and hair.