And then came Naturish Styling...

Our innovate formulas are a one of a kind composition that you will not find anywhere else. Through years of holistic research and professional experimentation, we created 3 formulas distinctively for BLACK, BROWN, and BLONDE hair using natural, high quality ingredients. There are no artificial dyes, there are no fake coloring gimmicks. Not only are our patent-formulated compositions junk free, they also contain bio-nutrients essential for healthy hair styling appeal that keeps your scalp nourished and your hairdo looking great. A little goes a long way, meaning apply once for a full days worth of styling. 


Naturish Highlights:

  • Encourages Healthy Hair Growth

  • Maintains Healthy Scalp

  • Skin Soothing 

  • Bio-Nutritious

  • Long Lasting

  • Easy Wash Out